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A diverse group of individuals sitting around a table, engrossed in their work on laptops.

Founded in 2023 in The Netherlands, is your go-to official platform for accessing all sports events across Europe. Our mission is to connect every sports fan with their favorite events, providing unparalleled access, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service. As the only platform offering tickets from all major vendors, we guarantee the most complete selection, ensuring you find the perfect seat for your next big game or race.

Our services

We proudly serves fans of all major football clubs and racing events. With a seamless three-step process.

Explore our offering and choose your event

Explore our offering and choose your event

Select from our extensive list of games, matches, and races.

Choose your seating and hospitality preferences

Choose your seating and hospitality preferences

Pick the best seats and amenities to suit your style.

Confirm your booking and receive your tickets

Confirm your booking and receive your tickets

Complete your purchase and get ready to enjoy the experience.

Our commitment

At, our commitment to excellence permeates everything we do.

By partnering with official ticket vendors, we create a transparent marketplace where prices are competitive, and options are plentiful. You'll always know what you're paying for, with no hidden fees or surprises.
We carefully select our partners and offerings to ensure you receive nothing but the best. From a seamless booking process to a thrilling sports experience, quality is our promise.
Customer Service
Your satisfaction is our priority. Our customer service team is readily available to assist you with any inquiries, requests, or issues. We strive to make your ticket purchasing experience as enjoyable as the event itself.
Security takes your security seriously. We ensure that every ticket sold through our platform is authentic and official, eliminating the risk of counterfeit or fraudulent tickets.

Our team

  • Paul Photo


    Platform & website

    Meet Paul, our football-loving web maestro! When he's not managing the tech, he's debating football formations or practicing goal celebrations at home. With Paul in charge, your ticket-buying experience is smoother than a Messi dribble.
  • Milan Photo



    Milan is the backbone of our behind-the-scenes work, ensuring everything runs like clockwork. Successfully handled a ticketing crisis by distributing them via drones. Now considering starting a drone racing league as a side gig.
  • Pieter Photo


    Customer Service Coordination

    Pieter is our customer service champion who resolves inquiries with the agility of a nimble winger. Once calmed an irate customer by singing the national anthem of his favorite football team. Now offers singing phone calls as part of customer service.
  • Sven Photo


    Partners & Relations

    Sven's the mastermind behind our collaborations, weaving them together with finesse. When he's not forging connections, he's analyzing football stats or perfecting his chip shot at home. With Sven ensures that our partnerships are as solid as a goalpost and as thrilling as a sudden-death shootout.
  • Kasper Photo


    Ticketing solutions

    Introducing Kasper, our ticket logistics whiz and football aficionado! Kasper's the architect behind our flawless ticketing operations, ensuring every delivery is as precise as a well-placed cross. When he's not orchestrating logistics, he's dissecting football fixtures or practicing his ball control at home.
  • Damian Photo


    Ticket distribution

    Meet Damian, our ticket distribution dynamo and football fanatic! He once tracked a missing batch of VIP tickets across three countries using only a paper clip and his intuition. Actually just used tracking software, but the paper clip makes it sound cooler.
  • Vincent Photo



    Vincent, our marketing magician, once launched a marketing campaign during the World Cup that was so successful, he was briefly considered for the national team's coach. His secret strategy? Using football emojis!