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Experience the thrill of live football at the Metropolitano Stadium with Atlético Madrid tickets. Elevate your matchday with Atlético Madrid hospitality tickets, offering unparalleled comfort and views. Purchase securely through TrustedSeats and be part of the roaring crowd supporting the iconic Atlético.

Atletico Madrid Match Tickets: Home and Away Games

Experience the Magic of Football at Atlético's Metropolitano Stadium

Atlético Madrid Tickets: Your Gateway to Unforgettable Moments

Discover the exhilarating world of football at the Metropolitano Stadium, the proud home of Atlético Madrid since the 2017–18 season. Located in the vibrant Rosas neighborhood, this modern coliseum is a sanctuary for football enthusiasts, with a staggering capacity of 70,460 passionate fans. Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere, especially during the record attendance of 69,082 at the derby against Real Madrid on September 24, 2023.

Unmatched Hospitality and Convenience with TrustedSeats

Elevate your football experience with Atlético Madrid hospitality tickets, available exclusively through TrustedSeats. As non-members can't purchase tickets directly through the club, TrustedSeats is your reliable partner for securing your spot in one of the world's most advanced stadiums. Enjoy a seamless and hassle-free ticket buying process:

  1. Select Your Match: Choose the game that you want to witness live.
  2. Pick Your Seats: Select from various seating options to suit your preferences.
  3. Complete Your Purchase: Follow the simple steps to finalize your transaction and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

A Stadium Like No Other

The Metropolitano Stadium is not just a venue; it's an experience. Hosting the Champions League Final between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur in 2019, it's a testament to its elite status. Well connected by metro to the city center, the stadium offers more than just a matchday experience. Embark on the Stadium Tour to explore the changing room, tunnel, and pitch entrance, or delve into the rich history and culture of Atlético de Madrid at the Interactive Museum.

Famous Stands and Unique Experiences

Each stand at the Metropolitano offers a distinct experience:

  • Stadium Tour: Get up close and personal with the players' benches and feel the anticipation of walking through the tunnel.
  • Interactive Museum: A 1,400 m2 space filled with interactive displays, virtual reality, and games, telling the story of Atlético de Madrid from its inception in 1903.
  • Wanda Metropolitano Stand: The heart of the stadium, with a seating capacity of 68,456, offering breathtaking views and unforgettable moments.
  • Presidential Box and Press Room: Experience the exclusivity of the areas where players meet the press and VIP guests enjoy the match.
  • Tunnel Experience and Fan Moments Package: Feel the adrenaline of matchday with unique experiences like taking penalties, personalized shirts, and meeting players.

Embrace the Passion and Excellence

The Metropolitano is more than a stadium; it's a symbol of passion and excellence in football. From its initial capacity of 20,000 spectators to its expansion to 70,460 by September 2023, it has evolved into a legendary venue. Whether you're a die-hard Atlético fan or a football enthusiast, a visit to the Metropolitano Stadium is a must for an authentic and unforgettable football experience. Secure your Atlético tickets through TrustedSeats and be part of the magic.

The Metropolitano Stadium: A Stage for Historic Battles

Atlético Madrid Tickets: Your Pass to Witness Football History

The Metropolitano Stadium, home of Atléti, has been the epicenter of numerous historic games that have shaped the legacy of Spanish football. From intense rivalries to unforgettable European nights, this modern arena has witnessed the highs and lows of Atlético's journey. With TrustedSeats, you can secure your Atlético Madrid tickets and be part of the action, where dreams come alive in the heart of Madrid.

Rivalries That Define Atlético Madrid

El Derbi Madrileño: Atlético Madrid vs. Real Madrid

The rivalry between Atlético and Real Madrid, known as El Derbi Madrileño, is one of the most intense in Spanish football. These matches are not just about football; they are a battle for city pride. The Metropolitano has hosted numerous derbies, with each game adding a new chapter to their storied rivalry.

The Catalan Challenge: Atlético Madrid vs. Barcelona

Matches against Barcelona are always highly anticipated, with both teams known for their attacking prowess and tactical brilliance. The Metropolitano has seen its fair share of clashes between these giants, each encounter adding to the rich tapestry of La Liga.

Memorable Matches at the Metropolitano

The 2019 UEFA Champions League Final

The Metropolitano Stadium etched its name in European football history by hosting the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. This match showcased top European talent and solidified the stadium's reputation as a world-class venue.

Atlético's Domestic Battles

The Metropolitano has been the backdrop for Atlético's pursuit of domestic glory. Matches against Valencia and Sevilla have been particularly noteworthy, with both teams providing stiff competition and creating memorable moments for the Atlético faithful.

Historic Derbies and International Showcases

The stadium has also been a stage for historic derbies against Athletic Bilbao and international matches involving the Spanish national team. Each game has contributed to the stadium's legacy, offering fans a glimpse of top-level football.

Secure Your Place in History with TrustedSeats

Don't miss the chance to be part of Atlético's storied journey. With TrustedSeats, securing your Atlético hospitality tickets is a breeze, ensuring you have the best seats in the house to witness history in the making. Join the roaring crowd at the Metropolitano Stadium and be part of the unforgettable moments that define the beautiful game.

The Ultimate Game-Day Experience at Atlético Madrid's Metropolitano Stadium

Unforgettable Atlético Madrid Hospitality Tickets

Dive into the heart of Spanish football with Atlético tickets that promise an unparalleled matchday experience. At the Metropolitano Stadium, Neptuno Atletico de Madrid Premium elevates your visit with exclusive hospitality packages, offering private boxes, VIP lounge access, and exceptional catering services. Choose TrustedSeats to help you select the best available option, ensuring a memorable experience at one of the most modern stadiums in the world.

Premium Hospitality and Beyond

Indulge in Luxury with Private Boxes and VIP Lounges

Experience the game from the best vantage points in private boxes located at the heart of the stadium, where superb visibility meets luxury. VIP lounges offer exclusive outdoor spaces and top-notch catering, providing a lavish setting to enjoy the match.

Stadium Tour + Fan Moments Package

Enhance your game day with the Stadium Tour + Fan Moments Package. This unique experience includes taking penalties, getting a personalized shirt in the team locker room, meeting players, and enjoying warm-up pitch-side activities, adding a personal touch to your football adventure.

Explore Madrid Beyond the Stadium

After the excitement of the match, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Madrid. Visit iconic landmarks like the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, and Puerta del Sol for a taste of history and architecture. Art enthusiasts can explore the Golden Triangle of Art, comprising the Prado Museum, Reina Sofía, and Thyssen-Bornemisza.

For a relaxing afternoon, stroll through the Great Pond of El Retiro or venture into Casa de Campo for outdoor activities. Experience the local cuisine with a traditional tapas crawl, and don't miss the chance to find unique treasures at El Rastro flea market on Sundays.

With TrustedSeats, securing your Atlético hospitality tickets is just the beginning of an unforgettable journey. From the luxury of the Metropolitano Stadium to the rich culture of Madrid, your game-day experience promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Atlético Madrid's Legacy: Trophies and Legends

A Rich History of Success

Atlético Madrid, one of the most illustrious clubs in Spanish football, boasts an impressive collection of silverware. With 11 La Liga titles, 9 Copa del Rey victories, 3 UEFA Europa League triumphs, and 3 UEFA Super Cup wins, their trophy cabinet is a testament to their enduring excellence. These accolades are not just numbers; they are symbols of the club's determination, skill, and passion for the beautiful game.

Legends Who Shaped the Metropolitano

Icons of the Past and Present

Atlético's success is built on the contributions of legendary players who have donned the red and white stripes. Fernando Torres, a homegrown talent, became an icon with 128 goals, leaving an indelible mark on the club's history. Sergio Aguero's clinical finishing led to 101 goals and helped secure European glory. Diego Forlan, Diego Costa, and Radamel Falcao further solidified Atlético's reputation with their goal-scoring prowess.

Modern Heroes and Future Legends

In recent times, players like Antoine Griezmann and Koke have become synonymous with Atlético's success, contributing to major victories in La Liga, the Copa del Rey, and European competitions. Their dedication and talent continue to inspire fans and aspiring footballers alike.

Experience the Glory with TrustedSeats

As Atlético continues to chase new trophies and create new legends, you can be part of this thrilling journey. TrustedSeats offers you the opportunity to secure Atlético Madrid tickets, ensuring you don't miss a moment of the action at the Metropolitano Stadium. Witness the birth of new legends and the continuation of a rich legacy with TrustedSeats, where dreams come true and history is made.

The Anthem of the Metropolitano: "Atleti, Atleti, Atletico de Madrid"

A Song That Unites

The most beloved chant among Atlético Madrid supporters at the Metropolitano Stadium is "Atleti, Atleti, Atletico de Madrid." This song is more than just a melody; it's a rallying cry that unites fans in their passion for the club.

The opening verse:

Atleti, Atleti, Atlético de Madrid, Atleti, Atleti, Atlético de Madrid, Jugando, ganando, peleas como el mejor, Porque siempre la afición, Se estremece con pasión, Cuando quedas entre todos campeón, Y se ve frente al balón, Un equipo de verdad, Que esta tarde de ambiente llenará.

The Soul of the Supporters

The chorus:

Porque luchan como hermanos, Defendiendo su colores, En un juego noble y sano, Derrochando coraje y corazón. Atleti, Atleti, Atlético de Madrid...

Resonates deeply with fans, expressing the profound connection they feel with the team. This iconic chant is not just sung; it's felt. It embodies the spirit of Atlético, echoing through the stands of the Metropolitano Stadium and creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Experience the Passion with TrustedSeats

With TrustedSeats, you can secure your Atlético tickets and be part of this incredible experience. Join the chorus of fans, feel the energy of the Metropolitano Stadium, and live the unforgettable moments that only football can provide. Don't miss the chance to be part of the sea of red and white, singing "Atleti, Atleti, Atletico de Madrid" with all your heart.

Your Guide to Atlético Madrid Tickets and Hospitality

How can I purchase Atlético Madrid tickets?

To secure your Atléti tickets, visit our reliable platform, your go-to source for all your ticketing needs. Simply select the match you wish to attend, choose your preferred seating, and complete the purchase process with just a few clicks.

What is the best time to buy tickets for Atlético matches?

For the best selection and availability, it's recommended to purchase your tickets as soon as they go on sale. Keep an eye on our website for release dates and special offers to ensure you don't miss out on the action.

What seating areas or blocks are usually allocated to away supporters at the Metropolitano Stadium?

Away supporters are typically allocated specific blocks in the stadium to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all fans. These areas vary depending on the match, so it's best to check the stadium's seating plan when purchasing your tickets.

If I can no longer attend an Atlético Madrid home match I purchased tickets for, can I get a refund?

Our ticketing platform understands that plans can change. While refunds are subject to terms and conditions, we strive to accommodate our customers' needs. Please contact our customer service team for assistance with your specific situation.

Where do Atlético Madrid matches take place?

Atlético's home matches are held at the iconic Metropolitano Stadium, located in the heart of Madrid. This modern venue offers a fantastic atmosphere and world-class facilities for an unforgettable matchday experience.

Is it safe to buy Atlético Madrid tickets through TrustedSeats?

Absolutely! Your security is our top priority. Our platform provides a secure and reliable way to purchase your Atlético Madrid tickets, ensuring peace of mind and a hassle-free experience.

How do I get Atlético hospitality tickets?

For an elevated matchday experience, Atlético Madrid hospitality tickets are available on our platform. Choose from a variety of premium options, including private boxes and VIP lounges, to enjoy the match in style and comfort.