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For a premium matchday experience, secure your Fulham hospitality tickets through TrustedSeats. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere at Craven Cottage with exclusive access and unbeatable views. Book your Fulham tickets now for an unforgettable experience at this iconic stadium.

Fulham Match Tickets: Home and Away Games

The Football Experience at Craven Cottage: Home of Fulham FC

Fulham Tickets: Your Gateway to Unforgettable Moments

Craven Cottage, with its rich history dating back to 1780, is not just a stadium; it's a sanctuary for football lovers. Nestled in the heart of Fulham, West London, this iconic venue has been the home of Fulham FC since 1896. With a capacity of 22,384 roaring fans, it offers an intimate yet electrifying atmosphere that's hard to find elsewhere.

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At TrustedSeats, we understand the allure of a Fulham football match. That's why we offer exclusive Fulham hospitality tickets, providing you with a premium experience at Craven Cottage. Unfortunately, non-members can't buy tickets directly through the club, but fret not! TrustedSeats is your reliable partner, ensuring you don't miss out on the action.

A Seamless 3-Step Ticket Purchasing Process

  1. Choose Your Match: Browse our selection of upcoming Fulham FC fixtures and pick the one that excites you the most.
  2. Select Your Seats: Decide on your preferred seating area and view the available hospitality options.
  3. Secure Your Tickets: Complete your purchase with a few clicks, and get ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Fulham football.

The Enchanting Realm of Craven Cottage

The Historic Johnny Haynes Stand

The Grade II listed Johnny Haynes Stand, with its red-brick facade, stands as a testament to the architectural brilliance of Archibald Leitch. It's not just a stand; it's a piece of history that has witnessed countless memorable moments since its inception.

The Vibrant Putney End

Known for its unique atmosphere, the Putney End is where the heart of the action is. It's a place where fans come together to cheer, chant, and celebrate the beautiful game.

The Riverside Stand: A Modern Marvel

The Riverside Stand, undergoing redevelopment since 2019, epitomizes the blend of tradition and modernity. Situated along the picturesque River Thames, it's set to enhance the fan experience with improved facilities and increased capacity.

A Stadium Steeped in History and Glory

Craven Cottage is more than just a football stadium; it's a cultural landmark. From hosting the first match in 1896, where Fulham triumphed over Minerva 4-0, to achieving a record attendance of 49,335 in 1938, every corner of this stadium tells a story. The recent renovation deal in 2019 aims to further elevate its status, ensuring that Craven Cottage continues to be a beacon of football heritage.

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Historic Games at Craven Cottage: A Journey Through Time

The Legendary Rivalries of Fulham FC

Fulham FC's historic Craven Cottage has been the stage for many unforgettable rivalries. The geographical proximity to Chelsea has fueled a fierce West London rivalry, with each match between the two being a highly anticipated event. The battles with Queens Park Rangers (QPR) and Brentford are equally significant, with every encounter marked by intense competition and passionate fan support. While Gillingham and Arsenal might not be traditional rivals, matches against them have also been notable, adding an extra layer of excitement to the Craven Cottage experience.

Memorable Matches That Shaped History

The First Proper Home Game vs. Minerva FC (1896)

Craven Cottage's football journey began with a bang as Fulham secured a 4-0 victory against Minerva FC in their first proper home game. This match set the tone for the stadium's legacy as a fortress for the home team.

Oxbridge Varsity Football Matches (1991-2008)

The prestigious Oxbridge Varsity Football matches found a home at Craven Cottage, adding a touch of academic rivalry to the stadium's diverse history. These games, held annually between 1991 and 2000, and then sporadically until 2008, showcased the talent of university footballers on a professional stage.

The Saudi Super Cup (2016)

In a unique event, Craven Cottage hosted the Saudi Super Cup in 2016, where Al-Hilal faced Al-Ahli. The thrilling match ended with Al-Ahli triumphing 4-3 on penalties, showcasing the stadium's ability to host international events.

International Matches Galore

Craven Cottage has been a welcoming venue for various international matches, including encounters between Colombia and the United States, Australia and Nigeria, the Republic of Ireland and Oman, and Australia and Canada. These matches have added a global flavor to the stadium's rich history.

A Record-Breaking Attendance (1938)

The stadium's record attendance was set in 1938 when 49,335 spectators witnessed the match between Fulham and Millwall. This historic event highlighted the stadium's capacity to draw massive crowds and create an electric atmosphere.

The Renovation Deal (2019)

In May 2019, Fulham signed a renovation deal with Buckingham Group, aiming to increase the capacity and enhance the beauty and structural benefits of Craven Cottage. This commitment to improvement ensures that the stadium remains a top-tier venue for football.

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At TrustedSeats, we make your dreams come true by providing access to these historic games and intense rivalries. Our platform offers a seamless way to secure Fulham tickets and Fulham hospitality tickets, ensuring you don't miss a moment of the action at Craven Cottage. Join us in witnessing the next chapter of Fulham FC's storied history.

The Game-Day Experience at Craven Cottage: A Fulham Football Fiesta

Fulham Tickets: Your Passport to an Unforgettable Day

Craven Cottage, the historic home of Fulham FC, offers a matchday experience that's second to none. As you step into this venerable stadium, you're not just attending a football match; you're becoming part of a storied tradition that has captivated hearts for over a century. And with TrustedSeats, securing your Fulham tickets or Fulham hospitality tickets is just a few clicks away. We're here to help you choose the best available option for an unparalleled game-day experience.

Indulge in Premier Hospitality

Elevate your matchday with the Performance Selection Hospitality package. This exclusive offering provides fans with an elevated experience, complete with premium seating, gourmet dining options, and access to private bars. It's the perfect way to enjoy the thrill of the game in style and comfort.

Premier League Football Packages

For those looking to experience the pinnacle of English football, our specialized Premier League packages are just the ticket. Whether it's Fulham vs. Tottenham Hotspur or Fulham vs. Manchester City, these packages offer unique benefits and services tailored to each high-profile match. Enjoy the game with the best views and top-notch amenities.

Beyond the Match: Exploring London's Attractions

While in London for the match, take the opportunity to explore some of the city's iconic landmarks. Visit The View from The Shard for panoramic views of the skyline, or explore the historic Tower of London. For a spine-chilling adventure, The London Dungeon and The London Bridge Experience & London Tombs are must-visits. Don't forget to check out the majestic Buckingham Palace, the iconic Big Ben, and the awe-inspiring Westminster Abbey.

A Ride on the London Eye

No trip to London is complete without a ride on the London Eye. This iconic observation wheel offers breathtaking views of the city's landmarks, providing a perfect way to cap off your game-day experience.

Making Memories with TrustedSeats

At TrustedSeats, we're committed to making your Fulham matchday experience unforgettable. From helping you select the perfect hospitality package to guiding you through London's myriad attractions, we're with you every step of the way. Book your Fulham tickets with us, and get ready for an exhilarating day of football and exploration in one of the world's most vibrant cities.

Fulham's Glorious Legacy: Trophies and Legendary Players

A Journey Through Fulham's Trophy Cabinet

Fulham FC's journey through the tiers of English football has been marked by significant achievements and memorable victories. The club has been crowned the English Second-Tier Champion three times, in the seasons 2021-22, 2000-01, and 1948-49, showcasing their ability to compete at a high level. The Cottagers have also secured the title of English Third-Tier Champion in the 1998-99 and 1931-32 seasons, further solidifying their place in the annals of football history.

Their promotion to higher leagues is a testament to their resilience and determination, with notable promotions to the First League in the 2021-22, 2019-20, and 2017-18 seasons. Fulham's run to the UEFA Europa League final in the 2009-10 season, finishing as runners-up, is a highlight of their European adventures. Additionally, their appearance as FA Cup runners-up in the 1974-75 season speaks to their competitive spirit in one of England's most prestigious cup competitions.

Legends Who Graced Craven Cottage

Fulham's rich history is adorned with legendary players who have left an indelible mark on the club. Johnny Haynes, known for his exceptional skill and leadership, is considered one of the greatest players in Fulham's history. George Cohen, a World Cup winner with England in 1966, is celebrated for his defensive prowess and unwavering loyalty to the club. Les Barrett, Bobby Robson, and Eddie Lowe are other iconic figures whose contributions have shaped the club's legacy.

Modern-Day Heroes

In more recent times, players like Clint Dempsey, with his goal-scoring prowess, and Brede Hangeland, the commanding Norwegian defender and captain, have become fan favorites. French striker Louis Saha and skillful midfielder Steed Malbranque are also remembered fondly for their impact on the team during their tenure at Craven Cottage.

Experience the Future with TrustedSeats

As Fulham continues to write new chapters in its storied history, TrustedSeats is here to take you there. Experience the thrill of witnessing new trophies being lifted and new legends being made at Craven Cottage. With TrustedSeats, securing your Fulham tickets or Fulham hospitality tickets is effortless, ensuring you're part of the action as the next generation of stars takes the field. Join us in celebrating Fulham's glorious past and bright future, one match at a time.

The Anthem of Craven Cottage: "Our Fulham"

A Song That Echoes Through the Stands

The heart and soul of Fulham FC can be felt in the melodies and lyrics of "Our Fulham," a song that has become synonymous with the spirit of the club and its supporters. This anthem resonates through the stands of Craven Cottage, creating an atmosphere of unity and pride that is unmatched.

First Verse: A Call to Arms

"Ba Ba Ba Na Na Na Na, Our Fulham, Craven Cottage is our home, Now we're packing up our bags and we're not alone, We've travelled far on land and sea, Now we're gonna take our place in history..."

Chorus: A Declaration of Loyalty

"Standing tall and proud, We'll hear it from the crowd, One more time out loud… OUR FULHAM x 3"

The Significance of "Our Fulham"

The song "Our Fulham" is more than just a catchy tune; it's a celebration of the club's history, the fans, and their beloved home ground, Craven Cottage. The lyrics reflect the pride and passion of Fulham supporters, emphasizing unity and dedication to the team. The chorus, in particular, underscores the sense of loyalty among the supporters, as they stand tall and proud, voicing their support for Fulham.

Experience the Atmosphere with TrustedSeats

With TrustedSeats, you can be there to live the atmosphere and sing "Our Fulham" alongside fellow supporters. Secure your Fulham tickets or Fulham hospitality tickets through us, and immerse yourself in the vibrant and spirited environment of Craven Cottage. Join in the chorus, feel the unity, and be a part of the legacy that is Fulham FC.

Fulham FC Tickets: Your Questions Answered

How can I purchase Fulham tickets?

To secure your tickets for a Fulham match, visit our trusted platform, TrustedSeats. We offer a user-friendly online booking process, allowing you to select your preferred seats and complete your purchase with just a few clicks. Rest assured, you're getting a seamless and secure ticket-buying experience.

What is the best time to buy tickets for Fulham matches?

It's advisable to purchase your tickets as early as possible, especially for high-demand matches against rival teams or important fixtures. Our platform ensures that you have access to the best available seats, so keep an eye on our website for ticket release dates and grab yours before they sell out.

What seating areas or blocks are usually allocated to away supporters at Craven Cottage?

Away supporters are typically allocated seats in the Putney End of Craven Cottage. The exact blocks may vary depending on the match, but they are generally situated in the southern part of the stadium to provide a dedicated space for visiting fans.

If I can no longer attend a Fulham home match, I purchased tickets for, can I get a refund?

Our customer service team is here to assist you with any ticket-related issues. While refunds are subject to our terms and conditions, we strive to accommodate our customers' needs. Please contact us as soon as possible if you're unable to attend a match, and we'll do our best to help.

Where do Fulham matches take place?

Fulham FC's home matches are played at the iconic Craven Cottage, located in the Fulham area of London. This historic stadium, with its unique charm and riverside setting, has been the club's home ground since 1896 and provides a truly special matchday experience.

Is it safe to buy Fulham tickets through TrustedSeats?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on providing a secure and reliable ticketing service. Our platform uses advanced security measures to protect your personal and payment information, ensuring a safe and hassle-free transaction when purchasing your Fulham tickets.

How do I get Fulham hospitality tickets?

For an elevated matchday experience, you can purchase Fulham hospitality tickets through our platform. Our selection of hospitality packages offers various levels of luxury and exclusivity, from fine dining options to premium seating. Simply browse our website, select your desired hospitality package, and get ready to enjoy Fulham FC in style.